Golden AZ Quarter

I have collected coins for as long as I can remember.  My dad got me started at a very early age.  I was shocked to receive a weird looking golden quarter this morning in my black Friday change.

The first thing that ran though my mind is WOW, I am rich.  This is a mint error of a state park quarter struck on a Sacagawea blank.  Worth at least hundred of thousands.  I quickly compared it’s size to another quarter and it was well inside normal specs.  Is this some sort of sign that I am truly suppose to move to Phoenix for my company?

A quick Google search on my phone from the parking lot still shaking a little.  The mint did produce some golden state quarters and worth about $5.00.  Excitement over 🙁

Guess it wasn’t a sign and that I have to go to work Monday morning.  It was fun for the 3 to 5 minutes it lasted.


AZ state Park Quarter - front AZ state Park Quarter - back


Kent’s world famous Grape Salad

So over the years most of you know I love to cook, bake and eat.  I have held my recipes close, but decided it was time to open up the vault and place them on the blog and share with the world.

3 lbs of seedless grapes, I prefer Holiday Globes.

3 lbs grapes


16 ounces of cream cheese

16 oz cream cheese


16 ounces of Sour Cream

16 oz sour cream



1 Cup white sugar

1 cup white sugar


Combine cream cheese, sour cream, white sugar, and vanilla in a large mixing bowl.



Gently fold in the grapes


Carefully place grape mixture into 9 X 13 pan.  I use back of a large spoon to smooth out flat.


cover mixture with a layer of brown sugar.  At least one cup but I just dump until looks right.


Finally cover with chopped pecan pieces.  I use the 2 cup bag.

2 cups Pecans


Refrigerate 30 – 60 minutes and enjoy!


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My Digitized Golf Ball Collection

So I have been playing golf for over 25 years now. Every time I play a new course I collect a logo ball. I ran out of room in my holders and was way behind on getting them displayed. For a while I got them for travel and people started bringing them to me. But mostly courses I have played.

Enjoy, leave me a comment on how many of the courses you have played.







Atlanta Trip to the Masters 2011:

Ozark’s Trip 2013:

Phoenix Trip 2013:




Vacations Through the Years

Lot of the older vacations are before digital camera and were scanned from film. Some link off to Kodak, some to Shutterfly and the newer stuff to Facebook.  Soon, this will be the only site to follow my photos.



“2019 Anniversary Cruise”

“2018 Oct Great Smokey Mountain National Park Trip”

“2018 Alcatraz Tour”

2017 Sedona Trip

“2015 Anniversary Trip: Breathless Resort Punta Cana Dominican Republic”

“2014 Sept Great Smoky Mountain National Park Elk”

“2014 April Great Smoky Mountain National Park”

“2014 Masters Golf Trip”

“2014 Ixtapa Anniversary Trip”

“2013 Phoenix AZ Golf Trip”

“2013 Ozark’s Golf Trip”

“2013 Great Smoky National Park Trip”

“2013 Huatulco Anniversary Trip”

“2012 Ozark’s Golf Trip”

“2012 Masters Golf Trip”

“2012 Huatulco Anniversary Trip”

“2011 Punta Cana Anniversary Trip”

“2010 Panama Anniversary Trip”

“2009 Punta Cana Anniversary Trip”

2008 no trip 🙁

“2007 Coast Rica Anniversary Trip”

“2006 Curaco Anniversary Trip”

“2005 Costa Rica Anniversary Trip”

2004 = no trip, was still paying off wedding and reception.

“2003 St Lucia Wedding Trip”

Furrow Euro Cyclocross

Got a chance to see Matt race a Cyclocross event up in El Paso.  At race time it was 21 degrees and 25 MPH winds.  Which made the windchill down to 3 degrees at race time.  The Racers were riding hard and staying warm but most of the crowd was way underdressed.