Texas Blue Bonnets

30 or 40 acres of Texas Blue Bonnets are right down the street from the new subdivision. Thought I better take a photo of the Texas State Flower.

KJ5D1507_8_9_tonemapped-FrameShopWish i would have had a tripod and some cool clouds in the sky. Oh well you have to roll with what you are given!

Life is good and I am Blessed!


Martha Ave Update 4-20-15

I am working out of our Richardson Office this week.  Was able to run over and check on the house tonight after work.  It is about 30 days out and coming along nicely.  What do you think?

Here is what we bought and what it looked like on 3/28/15.  Martha Ave

Here is what it looks like as of 4/20/15

The front with Brick and Stone onKJ5D1444 Our Cedar ShuttersKJ5D1445 Stone address plaqueKJ5D1446 Front guest Bath


Front guest roomKJ5D1448 KJ5D1449

Office looking in


Office looking out.  Door glass is still taped off.KJ5D1451

They call this the owner landing zone. Right off the garage entrance.


Media Room, will start out as the main storage area.KJ5D1453 Media room looking back towards the hall doorKJ5D1454 The SAFE room.  This closet is 6 X 6 and has block walls.  As close to a basement as you get down here.KJ5D1455 Arched formal dinning room with curved tray ceiling.KJ5D1456 Second guest bathKJ5D1457


Laundry room, waiting on base cabinets, wall cabinets, and granite.  KJ5D1460 Second Guest roomKJ5D1461 KJ5D1462

Coat Closet


The fireplace and mantel.KJ5D1465 KJ5D1466 KJ5D1467 Family RoomKJ5D1469Kitchen with cabinets and granite in.KJ5D1468  KJ5D1470 KJ5D1471 KJ5D1472 KJ5D1473 KJ5D1474 Kitchenette / breakfast areaKJ5D1475 Extra drywall insertsKJ5D1476 Master bump outKJ5D1477 Master looking back in from bump-outKJ5D1478 I lost!  Sharon got glass tile.  At least I kept it out of the kitchen.KJ5D1479 Close up of glass to prove it is actually installed.KJ5D1480 KJ5D1481 KJ5D1482

Master linen closet


Master walkin closet

KJ5D1484 KJ5D1485

Our door designs


Extra kitchen lightsKJ5D1487 Back of houseKJ5D1488 Dining room side of houseKJ5D1489 BackKJ5D1490 Master side of house (pool will curve in this corner of yard.KJ5D1491 The Bug System

KJ5D1493 House two doors down.  These become charged lines that drip for 90-120 days and only have to be charged every 90 days via a port. Verses having a service spray every 2 weeks.KJ5D1494 See how it runs between brick and wall. The blue run inside the hose and the green run outside.KJ5D1495 The charging port on a finished houseKJ5D1498KJ5D1496 KJ5D1497  My powerful rental car for this trip!


Lots of people have been asking for house updates.  I know this isn’t wildlife or anything to exciting, but it is what is going on in my life right now.

Life is good and I am blessed!



I got a taste of Great Horned Owl photography a couple weeks ago.  I checked ebird.org and sure enough there is an active Great Horned Owl in one of our local parks.  It has been seen daily for over a month.  I headed out to find it and the nest.  I have gone three times and yet to find an owl or the nest.  I thought I had the nest tree but ended up being this squirrel stuff into this hole.  Oh well at least I got to walk in the woods a little.



I have been pretty busy with selling and buying a house.  Bare with me during our move to Texas.  People asked me what type of wildlife I might be shooting down there, and I am not sure.  I’ll find something to photograph down there.

More to come!

Life is good and I am blessed!

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