Mandarin is Back!

Last year a male Mandarin Duck showed up for about a week in Allen Texas before heading on down to Centennial Park in Irving.  Manny the Mandarin caused quite a stir had photographers driving as much as 10 hours to photographer him.  My post from last year.

Mandarin Duck; a lifer for me

Mandarin Duck Day 2

Day 3 of Manny the Mandarin Duck

Made the Local News

So imagine the buzz when a Mandarin showed up back in Allen Texas at the same pond the last week of January.  About one week later than last year.  The Local photographer has named this one Andy.  Three weeks later a second male mandarin paired with a very young female mandarin.  So at least three mandarins total!  At least now I am not worried about him being all alone.  So far this spring they are way more mobile and not staying only on one body of water.  Late Sunday afternoon the sun came out and I got a text that both males were there.  By the time I got up to Allen, only one male left but the light was good.

Feels good to be back out in the field with my camera.  I am happy I started the 2017, 52 week project to ensure I keep the camera in my hand at least weekly.  I am currently working a pair of breeding barred owls a few miles from the house so expect to see plenty of owl shots soon. 

Life is good and I am blessed!

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Week 10 of 52, 2017 52 Week Project

Week 10 of 2017 52 week project:   Barred Owl

Had a house full of people and it has been raining a lot lately so not a lot of time to get my photo of the week in.  I was playing golf last weekend when a couple firetrucks went by the course with the sirens blasting.  I heard a pair of Barred Owls answer back to the sirens.  Game on!  Local owls 5 miles from my house.  I headed out at first light this morning to find them and it was SO foggy!  Wasn’t really worried about the lighting I wanted to find their den tree.  Five minutes into the search and I had them both calling to me.  Didn’t find the den tree yet, but now it just a matter of some more field time.

Life is good and I am blessed!

You can see the rest of the project here:

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