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  1. Ken,
    I just found your web site and enjoyed both the photos and your tips. I’ve been having a few ‘debates’ with members of the camera club regarding birds in flight. I use the 5D MkIII. In unobstructed settings I use a focus grouping of center point plus one four (one above, one below, one left one right) to track birds. I find this easier to keep the bird in at least one focus point than using a single point. I’d appreciate it if you’d share how you focus. Thanks, Buddy

    • Each camera body tracks and focus a little different. I use the 9 way grid, 3 X 3 boxes with center point on my 1DX. My eagles usually always fish into the wind, so I will move the block to the left if the eagles are flying left to right to help with rules of third. Vice versa for birds flying the other way. In low or now wind, I stay in the center since I can’t predict which way the birds will be flying.

  2. Thank you Ken, very useful your tips, I am a Romanian photographer and I purchased a back up camera for my 1Dx, is a 7D2, but I am a little bit unhappy because I did not find the solution to preview the photos shooter with, my camera raw did not recognise the files from 7D2. I upgraded to Camera Raw 8.1 but even that is not working, can you suggest me what to do?

  3. Kent,

    As I get closer to retirement (or getting booted from SF – lol), I am doing more with my photography. I will never make a living at it, but I am curious if you have had any significant luck selling your images. I love the fine art segment of your website.

    Thanks, Bob

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