Golden AZ Quarter

I have collected coins for as long as I can remember.  My dad got me started at a very early age.  I was shocked to receive a weird looking golden quarter this morning in my black Friday change.

The first thing that ran though my mind is WOW, I am rich.  This is a mint error of a state park quarter struck on a Sacagawea blank.  Worth at least hundred of thousands.  I quickly compared it’s size to another quarter and it was well inside normal specs.  Is this some sort of sign that I am truly suppose to move to Phoenix for my company?

A quick Google search on my phone from the parking lot still shaking a little.  The mint did produce some golden state quarters and worth about $5.00.  Excitement over 🙁

Guess it wasn’t a sign and that I have to go to work Monday morning.  It was fun for the 3 to 5 minutes it lasted.


AZ state Park Quarter - front AZ state Park Quarter - back


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