Butterflies at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden

I had been hearing about how cool the butterflies were at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.  I had also heard that the crowds made it tough to get decent photos.

So I decided that most good God fearing people should be at church or with Family on Easter and headed down to see what it was all about.

Very cool place.  They brought in over three thousand butterflies and cocoons.  Once they hatch out they live on average two to three weeks.  There is only one week left in the exhibit.  This year the dates were March first – April 3rd 2016. They only do this like every third year.

I ended up taking my 5D3 with my 100mm Macro and my 1DX paired with the 100-400mm MK2.

I tried to look up as many names and locations as I could find in the guide.

Atlas Moth – AsiaKJ5D5418-FrameShop Zebra Mosaic – Central AmericaKJ5D5421-FrameShop Tiger Longwing – Central AmericaKJ5D5429-FrameShop Blue Morpho – Central AmericaKJ5D5434-FrameShop No clue, not in the guide handout, but would say some type of Swallowtail.KJ5D5442-FrameShop Sara Longwing – Central America KJ5D5445-FrameShop Doris Longwing – Costa RicaKJ5D5459-FrameShop Tiger Longwing – Central America KJ5D5466-FrameShop  Blue Morpho – Central AmericaPBKJ6781-FrameShop No clue, not in the guide handoutPBKJ6799-FrameShop No clue, not in the guide handoutPBKJ6800-FrameShop Paper Kite – Malaysia PBKJ6801-FrameShop No clue, not in the guide handoutPBKJ6822-FrameShop No clue, not in the guide handoutPBKJ6826-FrameShop Blue Morpho – Central America finally got one to open it’s wings.PBKJ6834-FrameShopWell worth the $10 admission.  I stayed for about 90 minutes.  I definitely will be going back next time it comes back.  Lots of people with camera phones, but I saw one lady shooting slow-motion video so I tried on on a Swallowtails since they hardly ever land.

To learn more about this event you can visit www.bitg16.org

I need to check both local Rookeries for babies this coming week.

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Life is good and I am blessed.