Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Went down to check out Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden.  At first I thought it was pretty pricey.  It was $15 to park and $15 to get in.  So I broke down and got a years pass for $85 and it includes parking.  With the pass I can take one guest.  I figured I will go two or three more times.  I went in hopes of finding some hummingbirds.  No hummers, but tons of flowers.  Pretty interesting place.  One of the coolest parts were there were 8 or 9 mexican 15 year girls in like thousand dollar ballroom gowns. The had professional photographers with hair and makeup people.  It is their coming of age called: Quinceanera.  I really wanted to snap off a couple to show you.  Looked pretty cool and huge money down here.  I am guessing I would need to learn spanish to make it work for me.


Blue Agave only bloom / seed once every 25 or 26 years, and then they die.  I had never seen a seed head before.  I am guessing it was 12 to 14 feet tall.KJ5D2135-FrameShop KJ5D2136-FrameShop KJ5D2139-FrameShop KJ5D2147-FrameShop KJ5D2150-FrameShop KJ5D2151-FrameShop KJ5D2152-FrameShop


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