7D Mark ii and 100-400 mark ii review Day 3: Six Pack on Ice

As promised here are “Six Pack on Ice”.  These were taken on Sunday 1/11/15.  Not over exposed, feel a little hot to me.  Might have had something to do with them standing on a large photo reflector in harsh mid day sun!

All shots in this post are from the Canon 7D mkii + Canon 100-400 mkii

Take time to Reflect!KJ7D0654-FrameShop KJ7D0747-FrameShop KJ7D0748-FrameShop KJ7D0755-FrameShop KJ7D0758-FrameShop KJ7D0774-FrameShop

I had to work today, so as soon as I finish a little web work, heading down to my studio to put the 7D2 through some high ISO comparison.

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6 thoughts on “7D Mark ii and 100-400 mark ii review Day 3: Six Pack on Ice

  1. Kent,

    What else can I say that I have not stated before. These are great. You must feel like a kid in a candy store when you see the action you photographed above. Those eagles have their own little dance floor. I’m looking forward to your further review.


    • Thanks again John. I am starting to wonder how many eagle photos does one man really need. There is one pose I still dont have. The upside down talon to talon full frame. Right now looks like I have at least two more trips to focus on getting one.

      Here is a shot from the 7D2 + 1-4mk2, I took about 40 just for you. Not as sharp but usable in a bind. What do you think?
      7D2 + 100-400 mk2 + 1.4 TC = 896mm

      • Kent,

        Thanks for posting the pic with the extender and taking the time to try it at my request. I truly appreciate the extra effort. It looks good to me but I must admit the picture is small. I’ll take your word for it that it is a usable pic.

        As you probably figured out I’m interested in purchasing a 7D MII. I have a 6D and recently sold my 60D, my first DSLR. I shot film with a Canon AE-1 years ago to date myself a bit. I shot with a number of point and shoots over the years in between the AE-1 and the 60D out of convenience while my 4 children grew up. My kit includes the 17-40L, 24-105L, and the 100-400L. Beside shooting my family, with my camera :), I enjoy shooting landscape and wildlife. I’m not opposed to adding the new 100-400 to my kit and passing my 100-400 on to my son who shoots with a 7D. Adding the extender would give me a little extra reach for those eagles and for some of the wildlife I encounter. I’m certain you will agree that there are many times when you just don’t have enough reach even if your using Canon’s longest glass.

        I want to be able to hike a little with this kit and I’m not ready or perhaps even interested in one of those big Canons you carry around. Maybe one of these days but just not now. So portability and weight does factor into my decision.

        I think I can answer or comment on your question above regarding how many eagle shots do you need. We have never meet before and I only know your through your website and posts on other boards. You display to me a real passion for photography and for what you shoot. I’m certain one of these days you’ll get that one pose your missing in your portfolio. I’m also certain you’ll never stop shooting eagles as I think you just enjoy it too much to give it up. You might not make as many trips to L & D 14 but perhaps trips to other places that eagles frequent to present a new challenge and adventure for you. It’s similar to my passion for fishing. I can’t tell you how many 4+ pound smallmouth bass I’ve caught and tossed back into the water over the years. I’ll probably never give it up as I enjoy it too much and each time I go out it presents a new challenge and adventure similar to your photography.

        If the weather cooperates I will venture out to the dam this Friday and then to Starved Rock just for kicks on Saturday as it’s on my way to Peoria to visit my daughter. I’ll work on my technique with my 6D for now with my 100-400.

        My apologizes for boring you with some of the above. I look forward to any other photo’s and review of the 7D Mark II.

        Thanks again for your efforts.


          • Kent,

            Thanks for providing the above link as that size and picture looks good to me. For what it is worth clicking on the small pic does not increase the picture size on my MacBook Pro.

            Unfortunately I will not be able to alter my schedule this weekend as I have my wife and daughters schedule to work around. Thanks for you offer to chat in person. Perhaps another time will work.

            Happy shooting this weekend.


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