7D Mark ii and 100-400 mark ii review Day 3: More Eagles

Today I headed back to Lock and Dam 14 on the Mississippi River.  Today was my local photo club’s Eagle Outing.  I knew I was there mostly to guide and pay it forward.  There was a total of 23 Photographers from our We Click Photo Club.  The club even rented a pair of 15-600’s for the people to share.  I believe a good time was had by most of them.

Snow was in the forecast, clouds and tougher lighting and warmer temps meant less eagle activity. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I took 681 photos and have 116 keepers.  That is a pretty good “keeper” rate.  Especially for only being the third day on the new combination in my hands.

All shots in this post are from the Canon 7D mkii + Canon 100-400 mkiiKJ7D0698-FrameShop KJ7D0717-FrameShop KJ7D0740-FrameShop KJ7D0787-FrameShop KJ7D0788-FrameShop

Study the eye in the eagle below, you can see her Nictitating eyelidKJ7D0868-FrameShop

Money Shot: Classic Fishing PoseKJ7D0904-FrameShop

What do you think so far?

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One thought on “7D Mark ii and 100-400 mark ii review Day 3: More Eagles

  1. Once again Kent I find these pictures wonderful. It looks like you have a very good handle on the 7D Mark II in a very short period of time. I must admit I’m scratching my head trying to figure out why a number of people, or some people, are having a difficult time with the focus system on this camera. Is it improper technique, the camera, or a combination of both? Thanks again for your efforts in posting these pic as I do enjoy viewing them.


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