Lock and Dam 14 Eagle Counts

As the temperatures drop, the eagle counts and action goes up along the Big Muddy! This set of photos were shot at Lock and Dam 14 on the Mississippi River from the Iowa side. Lot of us photographers that still work for a living get to pretend we were retired the week between Christmas and New Years.

My humble offerings from yesterday 12/30/2015

1) Stop and Go Eagle
PBKJ5939-FrameShop2) Locked onPBKJ5769-FrameShop3) One footerPBKJ6382-FrameShop4) little backlitPBKJ6698-FrameShop5) Head On!PBKJ6784-FrameShop6) Anybody up there?PBKJ6675-FrameShop7) Stretch it outPBKJ6722FBCover-FrameShop8) Bank LeftPBKJ6745-FrameShop9) JuviPBKJ6180-FrameShop

Can’t believe I have to go back to work, just when things are heating up!

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14 thoughts on “Lock and Dam 14 Eagle Counts

  1. Kent,

    I just looked at these on Fred Miranda. These are great and thanks for sharing them with us. I like the second one the best. With Larry’s recent count of 84 eagles it looks like I might make my first venture out to L & D 14.

  2. As hard as i try i can never get a photo all in focus with such clarity as these.Spectacular! Lock and Dam 13 has a few eagles (and a couple nice nest) as of last week..Nothing like the years before.This cold snap should help.

    • Keep trying you will get it. I have a bird in flight post on this site that can help with tracking and fine focus. What camera and lens are you shooting with Sue? Might be worth going out with me as your guide for an afternoon.

  3. Hi Kent,

    Your pictures are beautiful! I’m thinking about heading out there Friday (coming from Waukegan). Is it better to shoot in the morning or afternoon?

    Kim VH

      • It’s a great idea. I’ve been trying to get out there but the USACE website is listing counts as No Report. Kind of scaring me away. Are there many out there or would it be a waste of time?

        • Numbers are way down. I am hoping the recent cold and snow forces them back to the river. I have been out of country for 10 days, I might try to make one last trip this coming weekend.

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