How Many is Enough Eagles?

Today at Lock and Dam 14 along the Mississippi River just South of Le Claire Iowa under perfect blue skies, I took 41 GIG’s of Eagle photos.  Just in case you are wondering that is 1715 images.  After the first pass through I was able to delete almost 200.  That means 1500 images to edit.  Just a few teasers for tonight.

This one reminds me of our dog Sadie the ways she cocks her head.PBKJ6675-FrameShop

I was being watched!PBKJ6158-FrameShop


The DivePBKJ6240-FrameShop

Money Shot!PBKJ6251-FrameShop

Stop and Go Eagle buzzing the Lock’s traffic control. PBKJ5939 PBKJ5924 PBKJ5769

Almost.  Very heavy crop.  Still haven’t caught two eagles talon to talon!PBKJ5684


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One thought on “How Many is Enough Eagles?

  1. Nice pics Kent. I made my first trip to the dam today. It was fun and I had a nice time. I posted a pic in the Lock and Dam 14 thread over in the Birds forum over on Photography on the Net site. I need a lot of practice and technique improvement.

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