Three rack Whitetail

Headed out the make a lap around both lakes to check on my bucks. I think they should be shedding their antlers in the next 2-3 weeks. While creeping down the lane I caught a glimpse of a HUGE buck with a down tine. None of the regular bucks had a down tine. I worked him for about 15-18 minutes when I gave up and went and got ahead of him and waited to see if he would continue with the two does into an opening. YEAH, he stepped out. As soon as I put the big glass on him, I could see it was BT (Brow Tine) with a third rack tangled up in his. I am posting all three angles. I want to think it might be Loppy Red’s good rack. If you zoom in you can see it still has blood on it from being ripped off his head. To the victor goes the spoils!
This outcome is way better than a lot of fights that end up locked together. The dominate bucks usually ends up breaking the neck of the other buck. They the dominate buck dies a horrible death, because he can’t eat or defend himself and coyotes usually finish him off.
I’m not that worried about BT, as he should be dropping all three racks shortly. I have seen some pretty cool things through my lens over the years. Monday I leave for Northern Minnesota to chase Great Gary Owls.
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Life is good and I am blessed.


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