Barred Owls at Firewheel

I am a member of Firewheel Golf Club.  While playing number 9 on the Traditions 2 years ago the fire engines across the street took off with their sirens basting.  Within seconds I heard a pair of barred owls start calling and answering the sirens.  I have found them several times since then but could never find their nest hole.  That all changed this spring when I was in the left rough / trees when I found this set of eyes watching me.  I went right back with my DSRL and was able to capture this image.Wow what a classic Owl hole.  I was all set, my very own Owl hole.  Another photographer shared his Great Horned Owls with me, so what the heck I shared this location with him.

I tired really hard to leave the nest alone as I had been coached by my owl mentor to never call females off their eggs. She was super jumpy as soon as I would roll up to the nest with my camera gear she would exit and fly away.  Keep in mind these were taking with a 700mm lens from maybe 75 yards away.

Then I had to travel back to Illinois for a week.  The other photographer went to check on the hole and walked up on this and texted me this photo.  How SAD!Not my photo!  Tree RAT!  Cycle of life, eat or be eaten.

I believe her to be a young mom and not very experienced. I am guessing the male was not helping her or guarding her and the nest like more males do.

Snippet from the web: Nests And Eggs How Many Eggs Do Barred Owls Lay? Barred Owls lay between 1–5 eggs, usually 2–3. They have one brood per year, but if an early clutch is lost, they may lay a second or even third clutch.

So I am hoping she has laid more, but I have not seen the pair while golfing but have heard them twice so I know they are still around.

Babies should be hatching in the next week to ten days, so I’ll try to go check on them next weekend with the camera.

Sad mom.

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Life is good and I am blessed.



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