Great Horned Owls of White Rock Lake

Got a tip from a fellow photographer about a Great Horned Owl nest at White Rock Lake located in Dallas County.  So that weekend it was too for golf,  I load up my gear and headed down.  They had nested in an old hawk nest.  By the time I got down there the nest was in pretty bad shape and starting to fall apart the owlets were already getting pretty big. March 2nd, 2019 I never got a decent shot of either parent as they were always on high alert and way out there.

Cedar Wax Wings migrate through every spring but never took the time to go after them.  On the way back to the parking lot, I saw hundreds of birds playing on the edge of the lake.  I was lucky enough to be able to circle around them and get a few decent shots. March 8th, 2019: Was pretty sad to hear that next time I went to check on the family, that the nest was destroyed in a storm and high winds and we lost one of the two owlets.  One of the photographers that is there every day stated that another photographer went into the ticket and found baby owl feathers.  While creeping around trying to find the mom, dad and the perfect angle, I spotted this eye watching me.  Never got a clear shot of mom or dad, but did score another Barred Owl nest hole. The fourth working Barred Owl cavity I know of in Texas.  People have asked how I find the owls, mostly luck but I spend a lot of time creeping and observing and checking every hole for movement or eye.  While looking for the parents, I saw the silhouette of a larger bird, using my best ninja skills, was able to get a clear photo of a Red Tail Hawk.Two days later, March 10th headed back.  Found the dad: Dalton.  They named him Dalton because of the movie quote, “I always thought you would be bigger.”The lone surviving owlet is getting bigger. Finally able to get a halfway decent shot of mom, giving me the stink eye.  I could be wrong but I think they called her Hanna.I am pretty impressed that both parents continue to feed and care for the lone owlet without a nest.  I have read that the parents will continue to feed them and help the owlets for up to 5 or 6 months.  I didn’t make it down there this weekend, so I am guessing the little family will have moved on by the time I get back from a work trip.

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