2016 GMC Terrain Denali

Three years were up and some great memories on my 2013 GMC Terrain.  Moved me from Illinois to Texas, two trips to the Smokies, two Ozark golf trips, a trip to the Masters, and countless miles on back country roads owling.  It was time to trade her in and get something newer.

I’m Back in Black!  2016 GMC Terrain DenaliKJ5D5478-FrameShop KJ5D5482-FrameShop
Thought I might as well post up my other Terrains.

2013 GMC Terrain DenaliIMG_8593Web IMG_8603WebAnd it all started with my 2010 GMC Terrain STL

DSC08029 DSC08037

Hope this year’s model brings as many good memories as old whitey!

Life is good and I am blessed,


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