Chasing Brown Owls with Mike F

A true friend and great photographer agreed to take me out to some of the local owls to his area.  It was really special for him to trust me with his secret locations, let alone share a ton of his “Owl Whispering” Knowledge.  There are guides that get $400 a day for this kind of in field session.  I am guessing I am way less of a threat now that I am 1000 miles away.  This morning of Brown Owls will be forever in my memories as one of my top 10 days photographing wildlife.

This time of year both Barred Owls and Great Horned Owls are paired up and ready to nest and lay eggs.  Owls mate for life and once you find their den tree or nest you should be able to find them year after year.

I went out on Day 1 with another photographer Robert, but it was so windy we couldn’t get any owls to answer or show themselves.

Saturday morning was way different.  We found and photographed 3 pairs of Barred Owls and 2 pairs of Great Horned Owls.

Lets meet the cast for the next 2 or 3 post, as I have some many full-frame keepers I don’t want to rush the editing.

Barred OwlPBKJ5256-FrameShop

Great Horned OwlPBKJ5476-FrameShopEven though Mike and Robert know areas where the owls hang out there is never a guarantee that you will be able to find them.

Here is a full-frame of a barred owl, can you find him?PBKJ5248-FrameShopHow about the first Great Horned Owl?KJ5D3150-FrameShopHope to have some launch series and flight shots edited in the next day or two.  After I get caught up on Owl edits, I’ll switch over and work on some Eagles, but I have 1400 plus eagles shots to process.  I might have been a little trigger happy knowing this was my one and only eagle trip of winter 2015/2016 Eagles.

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Life is good and I am blessed!


5 thoughts on “Chasing Brown Owls with Mike F

  1. Nice images Kent. That first one in my favorite. Looking forward to your eagle images. Do you care to take a guess how much longer the eagles will be around? It looks like my first opportunity to get to L&D 14 will not be until the week of the 22nd. It sure has been a strange winter around here.

    • I’m no expert but they will start leaving this week weather forecast says highs in the 50’s. The breeding pairs will stay around until fledglings are ready for the trip north. Numbers were way down this year due to warm weather, no snow cover and a bad shad hatch. They are hunting in land everywhere instead of being forced to the locks and dams for open water.

  2. I am way envious of you Kent! I rarely see owls, and to get a free tour is awesome!
    As for Eagles, it seems the Lock and Dam in Bettendorf where I met you is starting to get more busy, but also tons of people there as well. Also, there were about 8 Eagles in Rock Falls, IL, possibly more, hanging out on the Rock River. I would say maybe 20 feet away in the trees! 2 or 3 Adults, and maybe 4 or 5 Juvies! It was snowing Quite hard, so no pics tho.

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