Jarrett-ise Ranch Hummingbirds

Last year in Illinois I planted several hundred dollars of hummingbird plants.  Towards the end of summer finally had a couple skittish females, but nothing worth photographing.  The hummingbird season is longer in Texas and I knew I wouldn’t have time with my Eagles, so I have started working on a hummingbird garden down here.  Right now I have a decent sized Trumpet vine blooming.  Put up a three feeders and have been able to attract one set of Ruby-throated and one Black-chinned male with at least two females.

Photos are not great as it has been over 100 for 14 straight days and they are feeding first thing in the morning.  As soon as decent light for photography, they are gone.


Black-chinned malePBKJ1906-FrameShop

close up portrait of the black chin.  Pretty grainy that time of morning.PBKJ1920-FrameShop

Ruby throated femalePBKJ1964-FrameShop

Juvenile Ruby Throated male.  His colors are starting to come in. They live 8 to 10 years and come back to the same feeders year after year.  I am hoping I can hook this guy and his harem into returning next spring.PBKJ1972-FrameShop

My red Hummingbird fountain.  I bought it 2 summers ago and never put it out due to not having enough local birds.  Sharon saw one drink, but neither of us have seen them bathe and play.

No where close the quality of photos I am looking for, but these are special because they were taken from my patio in my yard!  More hummingbirds can b e found in my gallery.

Stick around and see if they bring the babies out in a couple weeks.  As temps up north drop, the hummingbird activity should pick up.

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Life is good and I am blessed.


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