Martha Ave Update 5-12-15

The moving truck showed up today on the Illinois house.  The Sachse house is now about a week behind due to all the rain.  Right now we don’t have a final closing date but hoping for sometime before Memorial Day weekend. I was able to walk through it and get a few updated photos.

KJ5D1858 Our SubdivisionKJ5D1856 We have concrete and graded today!KJ5D1779 12 and 14 foot ceilings mean extra tall front door.  I am guessing 9 feet tall.


Office Doors are finished.


All tray ceilings are done.

KJ5D1786 KJ5D1787 KJ5D1790 KJ5D1796 Light fixtures are in and plastic off the windowsKJ5D1797 KJ5D1799 Trim around the islandKJ5D1800 Finally a gas cooktop after 12 years of electricKJ5D1802 Built in Microwave and oven

KJ5D1804 KJ5D1806 KJ5D1807 KJ5D1809 Pool goes in this corner of the yardKJ5D1813 KJ5D1822 KJ5D1823

The hardwood was covered with paper, but this closet wasn’t covered.KJ5D1829

Laundry room still missing base cabinet and counter top.KJ5D1838 KJ5D1839 KJ5D1845


Our pool for the summer of 2015, five houses down the street.KJ5D1853

Hopefully we will be able to limit the numbers of nights in the hotel.  More in the adventure to come.

Life is good and I am blessed!



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