Great Horned Owls

A good friend (Mike) had done all the work and has already found three different Great Horned Owl (GHO) nests.  He invited me to tag along this morning.  After seeing the killer shots he has been getting, getting up at 3:45 AM to make the drive and be there at first light was no problem.  Funny I struggle on mornings to get up some morning for work, but yet I can get up before the alarm when it is fun!

We got to the first nest and saw both parents, but no clear shots.  I could only see the little white tuft of a babies head.  I was working to get a better angle, and Mike said, come on, it only gets better!

So off we went to GHO nest #2.  This nest is in a small town in Iowa and the owls were not bothered by people at all.  Could have photographed them out the car window.  The nest was back lit and lighting was tough!


The father owl was watching the nest.  I have no way of knowing but Mike knows these owls and said the mother is larger.  Mike said this was his favor perch.PBKJ1308-FrameShop

Different angle with better lightPBKJ1269-FrameShop

On we went to the third nest.  Mike stated that this pair of owls has been nesting in the same area for the last three season.  Mike was able to call them right in.  He has yet to find the nest because the owls were in protective mode and kept flying and trying to lead us away.

This male was way more vocal, and looked skinnier too.PBKJ1356-FrameShopHe kept calling and then flying to his next perch about every 5 minutes.  I missed 3 or 4 chances at flight shots.  Finally when he lit on a clear branch, I just locked on him and wasn’t going to take an eye out of the camera until he launched.

PBKJ1455-FrameShop PBKJ1457-FrameShop PBKJ1459-FrameShopFinally, three keeper flight shots, owls flying through the trees are way harder than eagles in wide open skies.

Not sure what will get in front of my lens next, but I can finally cross GHO off my list!  A once in a lifetime experience.  I think part of the reason Mike invited me is he knows I am moving to Texas in the next month and won’t be around to put extra pressure on his nest locations!

Life is good and I am blessed!

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6 thoughts on “Great Horned Owls

  1. Love these owl pictures. All of your wildlife pictures are outstanding. I am enjoying getting these so much. Thanks

  2. Great series. I’m trying to think what will you find to photograph in Texas? One thing does come to mind is the bats that fly out from the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin. They say it is spectacular. I hope to one day see the fields of BlueBonnets. Thank you for sharing.

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