Mountain Loin / Cougar

This is only my third run in with a cougar, or at least the four legged kind.

I took this first photo, it was chewing on something, like a dog would with a bone.


The first click, BAM instance eye contact!  I started to slowly back away and look for some kind of club and cover.  The cat got up and slowly started to work away and down the ridge.

I took the higher road, and tried to follow from what I thought was a safe distance!


Once it got into snow covered ground, it walked across this log, thought that was pretty cool!


It stopped one last time before bolting out of sight.  I was just glad it didn’t ever make a move towards me.  Can you image an old fat guy on ice and snow dodging a charging mountain.  I am guessing this cat was in the 85 to 100 lbs range.

Life is good and I am blessed!

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5 thoughts on “Mountain Loin / Cougar

  1. Nice pics Kent. He looks mighty healthy. Did you see this cat in Illinois? We had a recent sighting of a Bobcat here in the northern part of Illinois this past week. Thanks for sharing your photo’s with us.


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