Frozen Waterfalls of Starved Rock 2015

The 2014/2015 Eagle season has pretty much been over for a couple weeks now.  We had one last cold snap, and I had reports that the creeks and rivers at Starved Rock State Park were frozen solid enough for me to walk on.  Saturday Feb 28th, Ray, Joe and I headed up to Starved Rock to photograph the Frozen waterfalls.  They are really hard to capture the embedded colors!  You need to see them in real life!  Not really happy with last years photos I took along a tripod this year to do longer exposures and some HDR shots.

We started off in St. Louis Canyon because the Ice Climbers aren’t allowed to climb this one.



St. Louis Falls looked a lot like last years, so I tried to work some different angles.KJ5D0884_5_6_tonemapped-FrameShop

How does a guy get an angle like this?  Face down on the ice!  A little behind the camera shot taken by Joe.

FullSizeRenderAs I said last year, walking around on solid ice, Yak Trax’s highly recommended! You can clearly see mine in this photo.

KJ5D0888-FrameShopBehind St. Louis looking back out.  You can really see the colors on the frozen minerals in the water from behind the falls looking back towards the sunlight.KJ5D0915-FrameShopBack of Kaskaskia FallsKJ5D0926-FrameShopFront of Kaskaskia falls.  Not all that tall, but very interesting.  Huge crack in the top of it already.KJ5D0932-FrameShopIce climbers all over Ottawa Falls.Photo Feb 28, 10 39 52 AM Photo Feb 28, 10 42 46 AMThe Ice climbers told us there were also climbers on the Tonty and LaSalle so we cut our hike short.  Plenty of good light left after a quick lunch we headed north to chase more Snowy Owls (Tomorrow Blog post)

Life is good and I am blessed!

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7 thoughts on “Frozen Waterfalls of Starved Rock 2015

  1. Been there many times for the Falls, but never imagined it in Winter! Not sure IF I could hike it in winter! Nice shots tho. Kind of too bad the climbers ruin it for others to see.

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