An Eagle a Day for February Day: 12

Feb 12th:


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8 thoughts on “An Eagle a Day for February Day: 12

  1. Hey Kent,
    I’m really enjoying your wonderful eagle shots. I’m over in Iowa City right on the Iowa River and the most recent cold snap has really increased the number of eagles and their activity level. This morning there were 45 eagles patrolling a 500 foot section of the river below a small roller dam. Just an amazing site.
    Keep up the good work.

      • Over in Iowa City , IA, on the Iowa River just below a small roller dam right in town. There has been 30-45 consistently for about ten days.

          • Kent,
            I’ve never been to LD 14, but I’m guessing that the access is better here considering that the river is only about 100 yards wide. There is a terrific pedestrian bridge across the river that sits directly above the roller dam. One side of the river is lined with a 12′ pedestrian trail. They are very active from 7:45-11:00. Sometimes 7 or 8 in the air fishing at once. Sometimes as close as 30-40 feet from access points. They are roosting in 3 or 4 trees on the far side of the river diving directly at you.


          • You might try searching the Iowa River Power Restaurant. It sits directly on the river overlooking the eagles. It shares a parking lot with the trail access.


  2. Unfortunately, it looks like the eagle have begun to thin out here in Iowa City. This morning I counted 23 in strong winds gusting to 35(-11 wind chill). They were having a tougher time than usual since they were fishing into the wind.


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