American Pelicans

You never really know what you might find when you stalk the banks of the mighty Mississippi.  During one of my recent eagle trips I was pleasantly please when a group of eight American White Pelicans showed up.

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I was like “cool” I dont have any full frame in flight white pelican shots.  It wasn’t until I watched them devour every fish that was near the lock, and the eagles all left the area to roost in the trees.  (bummer)!

Lots of people take their dogs on walks around Smith Island, just North of the Lock & Dam 14.  I was getting the eye from this Bettendorf Bulldog!



with several days of sub zero tempatures, I am lookign forward to field testing new gear this weekend.  I picked up a 7D mark ii paired with the new 100-400 IS mark ii.  I will be doing a detailed review on this blog as soon as I get enough field time for an honest review.

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2 thoughts on “American Pelicans

  1. Kent,

    Nice pelican pics. I like the second and third one the best. I’ll be looking forward to your review on the new kit combo. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.


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