Christmas Bald Eagles Fishing at L&D 14

Just haven’t had 7 or 8 hours to edit all the eagles from Christmas Day.  Fishing Eagles are my favorite pose!  Talons out, tail down, death from above.  The adult Eagles almost NEVER miss the fish, the juveniles catch rate is no where close to the adults.

Classic Pose: AKA the Money Shot!PBKJ5747 Amazing what 10 minutes a little sun will do for the water color.PBKJ5958These are all from different passes. Lift OffPBKJ5715The stretch for the skies.PBKJ5816You can tell from the different water colors and lighting conditions these were 4 different passes.  They were fishing too close and I clipped wings on ever pass. Sometimes big glass is too big, but 90% of the time I love my setup or wish I had more reach!

Here is a complete fishing series from last season.  My camera shots 12 FPS, so keep in mind this all happens in less than a second!

Complete Fishing Sequence 

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