Happy Thanksgiving 2014

American Wild Turkey.  Did you know this could well have been our national bird?  But instead millions of them (domesticated) are consumed every year on Thanksgiving!


But instead our founding fathers were small enough to name the American Bald Eagle as our national bird and national animal.  What a proud majestic creature!


The migration of Eagles has already started on the Mississippi flyway and is about 3 to 4 weeks ahead of schedule!  Let me know if you want to book an hands on / in filed Eagle workshop this winter and we can make that happen!

Happy Thanksgiving!


6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2014

  1. Kent,

    Nice pictures. I enjoy your wildlife posts. Tell me a little about your hands on eagle workshop. I shoot with a Canon 60D and 6D and do have a Canon 100-400L. I was hoping to get out to Lock and Dam 14 last year but never made wit with the brutal winter. I’ve been trying to get out over to Indiana to capture the sandhill cranes and that hasn’t worked out either. Oh, one of these days I’ll make both trips, not sure how much longer the sandhill cranes will be around.


    • Thanks for the nice compliments! I might be going after the Sandhill cranes tomorrow (Sunday) morning. I want to get over there before I start in on eagles. The number of cranes are up to 12K! I think we still have a couple weeks. You interested in going tomorrow early?

      • Kent,

        I apologize for the delayed reply. I inquired about your eagle workshop in my above post and thought perhaps you would have responded with an email. I never thought about checking back here in the comment section. I’m not available for the Sandhill cranes until next week. I subscribed to the link I posted above I think the last update was on 11/26. I’m northwest of O’Hare, I think the Sandhills are about a 2 to 2 1/2 hour drive or so as is Lock and Dam 14 for me.

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