36 of 52: 2014 – Hummingbird banding.

Week 36 of 52: Male ruby throated hummingbird


Decided to combine the photo of the week and a blog write up together.

Went down to Sugar Grove Nature Center last Saturday 8/30/2014 for the Hummingbird Festival.  I was on the first tractor pulled the wagon / trolley.  When it stopped 5 little girls all went shooting by me to a table.  By the time I figure out what was going on, they were lining up to adopt a hummingbird.  I was tenth in line.  They only caught 9, so I didn’t get to hold and release one, but Audry and I both got to feel a hummingbird’s heartbeat.


About a week before they take down all their feeders all over their grounds, except for 3 down at the blacksmith’s shop.  Then the day of the banding, they put the feeders into the 3 remote controlled traps.  They use a remote control to shut the door once a hummingbird lands on the feeder.  They then hand catch them put them in little silk bags and carry them into the shelter.  They measure the length of the birds bill, and wings, and then put a small number band on their leg.PBKJ2553-FrameShop

An eighty year old lady was third in line to hold one.  The bird sat in her hand for almost 3 minutes.  You should have seen her smile.


Poor little Audry only got to hold a hummingbird feather.

PBKJ2565-FrameShop PBKJ2585-FrameShop PBKJ2592-FrameShop

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