Great Smoky Mountain National Park (GSMNP)

After my trip to the Masters, I stopped Great Smoky Mountain National Park for 3 days on my way back to boring Illinois.  I stayed on the quiet side of the mountain in Townsend Tennessee.  Several of the photographers I follow recommend and stay at Dock’s Motel.  I read the reviews on trip advisor and was a little nervous since the April and May rate is $35 a night for a sleeping room.  Everything was great, the room was clean, hot shower, soft bed and internet for $35 a night.  It would have cost me $17 a night to camp in Cades Cove with no power, bed or hot shower.

My sister loves her mountains, in fact they are called her mountains, but she has agreed to rename Cades Cove to Kent’s Cove.

I spend 3 full days in Kent’s Cove looking for wildlife.  I was a week to 10 days too early, but here is some of the photos I was able to capture.

PBKJ1459-FrameShop PBKJ1544-FrameShop PBKJ1546-FrameShop

Couldn’t find any wildlife but I thought this stump looked like a howling wolf.PBKJ1552-FrameShopPBKJ1761-FrameShop

Love my Mind Shift Gear Rotation 180 Pro.  Notice the Bear Horn sticking out.MindShiftGear IMG_1680-FrameShop

Was able to find a few wildflowers that were starting to bloom at the lower elevation.PBKJ1451-FrameShop

Virginia Blue BellsPBKJ1455-FrameShop PBKJ1458-FrameShop PBKJ1775-FrameShop

Trout LillyPBKJ1776-FrameShop PBKJ1781-FrameShop

Great White TrilliumPBKJ1784-FrameShop

Yellow TrilliumPBKJ1783-FrameShop

Pink TrilliumPBKJ1786-FrameShop

Wild TurkeyPBKJ1474-FrameShop PBKJ1515-FrameShop PBKJ1531-FrameShop

Short Eared OwlPBKJ1488-FrameShop PBKJ1493-FrameShop PBKJ1497-FrameShop

Yuck, one of the riding horse in Cades Cove Riding StablePBKJ1472-FrameShop

Eastern Screech OwlIMG_1689-FrameShop


On the last night with less than 15 minutes of shootable light I found my only black bear.  He didn’t want to get close and just kept sticking his head behind brush every time I tried to move into a clearer position.  Oh well, at least I found one after more than 15 hours of hiking all over the mountains.PBKJ1803-FrameShop

Hopefully I will get to go back towards the end of September for the Elk rut.

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  1. They rest looks great, love the one with the fog. Mindy said the wrap looks great and she has bids already. Thanks again for letting me go. By the way– did I say it was Kent’s Cove?? lol

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