Think Tank Photo Airport Addictive Review and other TTP bags.

Some of you might know I have a bit of a photography bag fetish.  I went through several before I found a brand and style that really works for me.  This blog is an attempt to review my photography bags and hopefully save you some money on not buying the wrong types of bags.  I finally settled in on the Airport Addictive by Think Tank Photo.

T86A0492 T86A0503

At the time I bought it this bag was the largest backpack bag without wheels.  I use it mostly for storage and transportation to and from my remote locations.  It usually never leaves the trunk of the car.T86A0526 T86A0528

All lens off Bodies.


I like that you can just pop out two dividers and store my typical wedding setup.  70-200mm on one body and 24-70 on the other.

The bag was designed to hold 2 pro bodies and as many lens and flash as you want to pack in to it.  It is also long enough to hold my 500mm.  I did this if I ever end up traveling to Alaska or Africa and wanted to be able to take maximum gear.

it also comes with a laptop sleeve that will hold up to a 15″ laptop.  Shown here with my 13″ MacBookPro.T86A0501T86A0502

Once I arrive at a shoot location, I usually load up my Speed Changer belt system.  Depending on what I am shooting depends on which Think Tank Photo modular components I put on the belt.

T86A0521 T86A0510T86A0522

The belt tucks into the back of the bag so it can be used as a shoulder bag.


Shown with belt out.


It will hold 3 large lens, I normally have my 70-200mm with hood, 24-70mm, and at least 1 Speed Light.  Two speed lights and 2 lens no problem.  Plenty of small pockets for memory cards, keys, glasses, lens cleaner.  If I am going to be shooting all day like a wedding then I attach the optional “Keep It Up” shoulder straps.  I didn’t have a second shooter to really show it on me, so shot on a bar chair, at least you can get the ideal.


Shown here with the Digital Holster v40.  It will hold a pro body and up to a 70-200 with hood.  On the other hip is a Skin Strobe flash holder.

My digital holster is my go to bag for just a walking around shoulder bag.  I also have the V20 for smaller bodies with no battery grip.

I quickly found myself either using my airport addictive or heading out with Big Glass.  That lead to the purchase of Think Thank Photo’s Glass Limo.  The Glass Limo will hold up to a 500mm with a body attached or a 600mm without.  I find now all I have to do is grab my Glass Limo and a body and I am off to chase wildlife.

T86A0514 T86A0512 T86A0516 T86A0518

Comes with a bunch of dividers but I only use two.  I normally carry both the 1.4 and the 2.0 tele-converters.


Shown with both my tripod with Gimbal head and my mono pod.  I carry one or the other.  Last year while hiking all over the Great Smoky Mountains National Park I found myself also wanting my second body and landscape lens for waterfalls and sunsets.  I found myself adding on more Think Tank Photo components to carry my 70-200mm, extra body and my trusty digital holster!


So at this point I am almost up to $1,000 in Think Tank Photo bags.  And as you can see from the last photo I still needed a true all day hiking pack, which led me to a Kick Starter product named the Rotation 180 Professional.  This bag led to a sister company to Think Tank Photo named Mind Shift Gear.   I feel like I backed a real winner for this incredible versatile bag.  I was one of the first 500 🙂


I was going to do a review of this bag, but no need to do one since Dan Carr’s Rotation 180 Pro.  Dan has a ton of other great reviews over at ShutterMuse.  After Dan’s review I would also strongly recommend watching the video’s on Mind Shift Gear’s page or the one on original Kick Starter Page that hooked me in.

I also use my TTP Digital Holster on the belt pack of this incredible bag.


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