Lock & Dam 14 Mississippi River Bald Eagle Fishing Sequence

Last Friday 2/7/14 was a perfect day for me at Lock and Dam 14. I am guessing 80 to 100 photographers were there. I arrived around 10:30 am negative 9 degrees (-9), warmed up to a balmy 14 when I left 6 1/2 hours later. The action was non stop 1297 activations. I have TONS to edit, I even had to back up because I was clipping too many wings with the 500mm. Several of the local guys I know over there switched to 70-200mm. I didn’t take mine that day, so I was forced to stay with the 1DX and my trusty 500mm.

Have I told anybody lately how pleased I am with my Canon 1DX purchase and my 500mm pairing!!!!

A complete fishing series of 8 captured at 14 FPS. This was one of the first time I have witness an adult miss the fish. L&D 14 has taken some heat lately for baiting but I was there both Friday 2/7 and Saturday 2/8 in the snow and I witnessed NO baiting.

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3 thoughts on “Lock & Dam 14 Mississippi River Bald Eagle Fishing Sequence

  1. Hey Kent,

    I was at Lock and Dam 14 on Saturday and Sunday. Were you the guy leading the group from Bloomington?

    Odd how I found your blog:
    A person viewing my eagle photos asked how it is that the eagles can snatch a fish and why the fish don’t swim away. The easy answer is that the fish are already dead but I realized I don’t know why there are dead fish floating in cove.
    I was trying to find some answers and my search led me to a Trip Advisor post you made about L&D 14. From there I searched for your blog.

    Anyway, I still don’t know why there are so many dead fish or how it’s possible for the eagles to snatch a live fish. Do you know?

    You have some nice stuff, maybe I’ll see you around.

    Matt Tucker

    • I was there on saturday with a group of photographers from Bloomington Illinois.

      Eagles will and do catch fresh fish, but the dead ones are way easier!

      Most of the fishing that goes on is of fish already floating on the top of the water. The ice cold drains the oxygen from the water and some fish will float to the top. Also a lot of fish are stunned or killed going through the lock or from the dam farther out into the river.

      Hope this makes sense,

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