Loblolly Build

Here are each major progress / step in the LobLolly build.

7/8/22, signed paperwork and bought our lot, which set everything in motion.

Between 7/8 and 9/15 we waiting on the list to get the basement and footers dug.  During this time Sharon enjoyed running all over to all the vendors picking out things like: Brick, stone, siding, shake, doors, windows, cabinets flooring, countertops, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures.

8/16/22 Kindred Excavation started digging our hole.

8/23/22: Footers framed and poured.

9/1/22: Basements wall forms:

Miss Sharon checking the job site progress:

9/6/2022 Pump the walls full of concrete

9/8/22 Forms off the walls

9/9/22 Waterproofing on, Egress windows, tile work outside and inside the footings. 

9/12/22 Basement plumbing completed and waiting for inspection.

9/22/22 Concrete prep and framing work.

9/23/22 15 yards in the Basement, 13.5 yards in garage floor, 4 trucks total.

All the photos can be found in this FaceBook Album:

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Life is good and I am blessed.